30 min family fun

So many of you have asked me where I came up with the idea of this 30 min family fun. JB and I took an “Intentional Parenting Class” at church and the children’s pastor talked about one time 20 years ago, his dad picked him up from school and he thought he was going to a doctors appt or something. Little did he know he was spending one hour of his day with his dad having fun. He is writing his thesis or something like that on “Making Fun Happen” with his family. He spends 30 min every day just having fun with his kids and wife.


So I went home later that night and said ” get your shoes on, we are going to have 30 min family fun “my kids were like, “what, it’s 9:30 at night” so everyone got their shoes on and we went outside.


I had no idea what we were going to do. I’m the mom that doesnt want to spend any time with the humans.


But the point is that they have these memories. This is the stuff they will remember. I dont want them to remember mommy always yelling at them.


So what have we done so far? I’ll show you..

  1. Picking cool rocks.

2. Family Football

3. Eye Spy around the neighborhood

4. Pictionary

5. Ice Cream Social

6. Park ( all my pics are videos of that day)

7. Oreo Cookies and Marshmallow ( to create different snowmen, we also used small pretzels, frosting and candies to make it fun)

8. Cupcake Cones ( we bought a cake mix and used cupcake cones to bake them)

9. Play a game of Go Fish ( FYI, might be hard with smaller kids)

10. Play Infection Tag outside ( we had all of us plus some neighborhood kids)

11. Plant flowers, veggies and herbs

12. Thanksgiving Turkey Hands

13. S’mores

14. Timberrr (like jenga)

15. Ornaments, Christmas Trees and Candy Cane Decorating

16. Decorating Stockings

17. Gingerbread House