I’m Back…

I’m Back…

Well hello sweet friends!! How have you all been? I’ve been “Meh” lol. JK, I’m all over the place. I’m not sure about you guys but I’m currently in a pandemic and stuck with 5 kids and a husband!! Send help, preferably Luke Bryan. That will make my life much better.

No really, how is everyone doing? Well here at Casa Bennett/Gonzales we are all driving each other crazy. I mean, one day I was at work, kids at school, hubby at work and life was still chaos but jolly and then BAM!! Husband is having 20 plus seizures a day, kids wont be returning to school after spring break oh and I wont be returning to work either!! WHAAAAAAA!! Why? How? Can this really be happening? At first it was okay cool, it’s only for 2 weeks.. then the end of April and then, “yeah, your kids ain’t coming back this year” WTF oh and by the way you still have to feed them but more now.

IDK now about you guys but how am I supposed to provide for my family? I was furloughed from my job. My husband by this point has been out of work since Feb 7, 2020.

What am I going to do to make money? I told JB let’s make these chocolate covered pretzels so we can raise some money for the bills. Let’s just say it took about 2 months before we actually saw money.. We are still paying off the stuff we have bought but we are bringing in money weekly. I mean we are bringing in an average of $150 a week. Not anywhere close to our paychecks but it’s paying the bills.

This whole pandemic adventure has really changed me. I never knew I could hustle the way we have been just to make sure the kids and us are taken care of. A momma has to do what a momma has to do. I have never in my life been a baker of any sort but I’m trucking along and really liking this.

UPDATE of JB: He will not be returning to work due to this condition. So lots of prayers for him and his sanity. I mean the man is now forced to stay home with his crazy wife and kids!! BAHAHAHAHA

PS: You are awesome and LOVED!!

love, me

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