**COUNTDOWN TO 36** 4 days left

**COUNTDOWN TO 36** 4 days left

So we left off with me falling in love with Fernando.


He was so cute! He actually had no idea who I was. I was just the dorky girl who was friends with everyone. He was trying to get with this white girl. LOL, he has a thing for white girls. Any ways, the whole entire school knew I had the biggest crush on him. I even asked him to the “Sadie Hawkins Dance” he said yes! I had to beg my parents to let me go. My dad gave me $50 and then mom dropped us off at Skateland. It was amazing! He didnt know how to roller skate, that part was funny!! Then one day, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was so excited but nervous all of a sudden. He was my friend first and we hung out like friends, but then he asked me those beautiful words. I was like, you have to ask my parents! I know, all my friends were dating and got to go to the mall and hangout and I still had to ask for permission.


Well, the day came when he came to the house to ask my parents. Before he arrived, my dad was like, there is going to be none of this and none of that and blah blah blah!! Once Fernando got there my did didn’t say one word! It was mom who did all the talking. She said, NO SEX, NO DRINKING and something else that I don’t remember! OMG!! How embarrassing.


So from the 10th grade on he was my boyfriend. I was not allowed to go out during the week cause I would see him at school. At that time, my parents didn’t know he only went to school every so often. I couldn’t tell them he never went to school, then I wouldn’t be allowed to date him.


The time came when he asked my parents to marry me. I was in the 12th grade. He came over and he did it in front of my entire family. It was so cute. I wore a beautiful ring my whole 12th grade year.


Okay, more to continue tomorrow! I PROMISE!

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