There are so many things we all say we are all thankful for. For our family, health, life, work, friends and so on. But what are you TRULY thankful for?


I have been wrestling with this question for a few days now, like really thinking about it for this post. I never really thought about it cause I always say the things listed above. So what am I truly thankful for you ask?


I think for me I’m truly thankful for a few things. One for sure is that I have Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. He will provide if you ask for it. I’m also truly thankful for my life. You are here one day and can be gone the next. I’m getting better at just living day by day like it’s a holiday and eating like it’s a feast. I’m also very thankful for my husband. He came into my life at just the right time when I was broken and he is so amazing, sweet, kind and more!! I’m also very thankful for my kids. All 5 of them.. they are all great kids just need a few adjustments. All in all I’m thankful for everything in life so just enjoy it.


Don’t stress on the little stuff! Seriously, it’s not worth it. It took me 15 years to realize that. Enjoy life, eat all the food you can and before you go to bed always tell your loved ones you LOVE THEM!


The Big Idea:

Thankfulness comes from knowing the Giver.


PS.. these photos are classic!!

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