How many of you have kids? I assume most of you if you’re following me. I have 5 kiddos.. My oldest is a girl and 15 😩😬. I also have 4 boys aging from 4 to 10. Today will be about my teenager.


How many of you like to spend time with them? For many of you, you might love spending time with your kids, me not so much. You’re probably thinking, well what kind of mother are you? I’m a pretty good one, I think..


As some of you know I’ve been doing the 30 min of family fun with our kids. The boys love it.. the teen not so much. Sometimes she makes life just “blah” you know.


It’s like why do you think you can tell me when you’re going to do your chores and when you’re going to do it. Or tell me the work “No”. My mom just had to look at us and we knew not to talk back.


Out of all my kids she is the toughest one. I love her with all my heart and will do anything for her. But I feel like she needs a rude awakening to appreciate what she has. Don’t get me wrong, she is a great kid. She is kind and loving to others, never a bully or rude to her peers but at home she is a different ball game. Not sure if this is just phase and she will grow out of it or what?


Sometimes I envy other parents that have an amazing relationship with their daughters. It’s like, I want that. How do I get that? I get that every so often. Today happens to be one of those days. She came to work with me and helped me out, had an attitude at first but then she warmed up.


It’s those special moments I have to keep dear to me cause I pray daily she sees me for the mom I’m trying to be.

Tell me what your secrets are with your teen. What do you do? How do you hang out with them and not kill them?

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