How many of you let your kids sleep with you? My kids have always slept with me until they just stopped.. My 2 younger ones still sleep with me, “gasp” I know, go ahead and talk your shit to me.

Those two little ones are my magnets when it comes to bedtime. I will put them in their own bed and in the middle of the night they end up with me.

JB doesn’t get it, he’s a man! I love that they sleep with me cause one day they will just stop. What I don’t love is I have no room which means JB has has no room and now no one is happy and our bodies suffer.

So if you’re a parent what do you do to keep the kids in their own bed? Here’s a pic of how four people sleep on a queen bed.

Do I co-sleep? No, my kids co-sleep and I get kicked all over my damn body

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